Help Improve Your Social Life with Popularity and Friendship


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Founder of the full-service real estate firm Cornerstone Campus Communities in Florida, Meredith Trattler also oversees Good Times Office Supply & Coffee Service, Inc. A graduate of the advanced management development program in real estate at Harvard University, Meredith Trattler also authored the book Secrets to Popularity and Friendship: A Guide for Social Success.

A self-help publication, Popularity and Friendship: A Guide for Social Success provides tools for developing social skills. The book focuses on how the reader can use their talents to brighten the lives of others and build meaningful friendships. Those friendships, in turn, can support the reader and help them feel more at ease with themselves.

Designed to help the reader cultivate their own natural talents, this self-help guide covers a variety of complex social challenges in its 108 pages. The examination of specific situations helps the reader take the step from intellectual understanding to practical applications that will enhance their social perception. Although these principles can be used at any stage of life, they particularly benefit those who are currently in school.