ACS Diversity and Inclusion Programming


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Meredith Trattler is founder of Cornerstone Campus Communities, a full-service real estate firm based in Florida, as well as leader of Good Times Office Supply and Coffee Service, Inc. In addition to her business responsibilities, Meredith Trattler supports a number of local and national charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society operates with a global mission of eliminating cancer in all forms. To this end, the organization engages in medical research, education, patient support, and public outreach. Supporting multicultural communities is one of the society’s strongest areas of focus.

Despite the considerable progress made recently in areas of disease prevention and cancer treatment, certain populations carry far higher mortality rates than others, indicating a cultural inequality when it comes to health care access. The American Cancer Society has developed a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy as a means of addressing this inequality. Areas of operation range from in-depth cultural and medical research projects to the provision of multilingual patient and caregiver support. The organization also provides support to in-need populations via low-cost cancer screenings.

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